Aug 9, 2009

Love: One wonderful feeling, emotions and money minting!!

Love is not a degree of coincidence or an art of perfection. Love is an accidental arrangement, carnal or platonic, with bare minimum requirements defying age, gender, appearance and even tangibility of existence (like falling in love with God). Love is as worldly as celestial it is. It is not difficult or important to be in love. The vitality lies in building stability, longevity and essentialism as the unshakeable pillars of this feeling. Once again, love is not merely or necessarily a feeling. It can also be an abstract though running so vehemently in mental dimensions that it appears actualising concurrently in the real world. Love is not always refreshing or a positive addiction .Like a rejuvenating love, a thwarted love can become a habit or even a forced compulsion, a desperation to seek belongingness in a wasted acquiescence that otherwise is a source of disgust and dismal.

While very few rising in love, ‘falling’ in love has rightly been phrased by either a visionary or a victim. What however is more depressing is the inability or blindness of those falling into a deep trough of emotional engagement that they start believing the opposite. It’s like running a pillar to post marathon with the belief of reaching the other side of the earth. Many forms of today’s love are harsh incompatibilities masqueraded by a vast cocoon of ignorance, embroidered with brittle threading of happiness, hope and optimism to hide the reality. But when the reality outgrows this cocoon, everything -brittle or vast- breaks into pieces which hurt.

These are the pieces of solitude, of desperation, of contempt, of memoirs, of aimlessness, of hatred and many other confused multifaceted emotional outbursts that have been best captured by poets and psychologists alike.

But there are some positivisms also included in the packaging of love. While some are directly beneficial to concerned parties, others bring benefits to the external world. Love means business to so many professions and services. Flowers, gifts, cards, travel and tourism, internet, telephony, telegrams and telegraphs, cameras, apparels, accessories, entertainment industry, food industry, ‘pharmaceuticals’ and much more. Even in its dismal state of being, love is a source of business to trades of counselling, psychometrics, medicos, druggists, Telephony, chocolates, electricity, television, breweries, spirits, tobacco and drugs.

So…. love is a necessary evil with huge demand in markets.

Non-periodically yours!