Feb 25, 2014

My message to the CIA, INTERPOL and POTUS, through my Inbox!

This might seem somewhat crazy. But everything Orwellian is! I just stumbled upon this old email (dated 5th July 2013) that I wrote to myself with most keywords that should set the alarm in the vigilante fraternity. This was probably when I read 1984 by George Orwell. Given the developments at the Indian and global political stage, this impulsive outburst looks quite a probable outcome, which is why I decided to post it.

Here’s the screenshot of the mail. The transcript follows.

Transcript of the mail

Sub: Dear surveillance, President, CIA, NASA, Interpol, POTUS and whoever, wherever you are:

I know you're reading this mail. And I want to share an opinion with you...
Gradually but surely, all your intel and propaganda and conspiracies - clubbed with your allies and believers of these, scattered all over the world - will make our tiny planet such a cynical goblet of mistrust and insecurity that people will get scared, then get cynical, then crazy, then mad and finally wild. It is then when they'll topple governments and their agencies. Let's not forget that the people working at the INSIDE are handful and only humans. So in times like I prophesize above, most of them they will default and join the masses.
And when this occurs on a global scale (countries will be short of colours for their revolutions), when governments defunct, agencies cease, judiciaries hang, people get mad and protectors join the crowd; I don't need to tell you what follows: Socialism.
In other words, your finest tactics are but pillars for resurrecting your most abhorred fear: Socialism.
If there are planets with life elsewhere, their beings are expected to get enlightened in their life cycle. Our earth is apparently a failed experiment but you are doing nothing to help the situation. 
Turning reality into propaganda (read terrorists, and anti-americans in general) and turning propaganda into reality (read global peace, conspiracies, diplomacy, growth and evolution) is going to be more fatal than you can imagine.
And when time comes to that, you won't have an enemy or oppressor with a face or name. There will be swarms of rebels, carrying sticks, stones, guns, grenades, bio-chemicals and whatnot) and wipe even the most potent army that stands before them. Recall France, Russia, India, Greeks, Romans, Aryans, Pandavs and many more examples of this. 
You may decide to bring harm to me (just another nobody) by an accident or probe or whatever covert means. But please understand I want you to prosper, by prospering your people and therefore I'm giving you a piece of my mind, and heart. Sovereignty and technology is a powerful blend, use it wisely. Because some earthlings do get enlightened in their lifetime.

End of mail

On second thoughts, I think it reads funny, went a tad too far. Or may be not !?