Jan 28, 2011

Two people at a time

It was fine spring, a Saturday afternoon. Yet it was different than other holidays: without movies, without friends, without novels, without home. I was not in my room, not in a shopping mall, not in a movie seat, but in the waiting lounge of Saroj Hospital. Appearing marginally excited from outside, I knew I was severely overawed and praying within. On the other side of that hard stared door, a hoard of careful hands was working on a small womb to bring out a yet genderless child. Bhabhi was undergoing a Caesarean operation. Mom, dad, Bhaiya, his 3 friends, Bhabhi’s parents and I had two things in common: we were terrified, we were praying.
Shifting positions on same couch since last night, I was hungry, thirsty and sleep-deprived, yet attentive and praying. I stole a glance at mom and saw the same fear in her eyes that was in mine. There shouldn’t be another miscarriage. For better, she will deliver a living baby. For worse, this will be my second stillborn nephew/niece and probably the last attempted.

Not much acquainted with reproduction dynamics, I however knew Bhabhi’s ultrasound reports were similar to last time. Plus, yesterday I heard bhaiya mentioning the doctor that Bhabhi hasn’t felt any movement since last few hours which—I knew from his eyes—was fatal. Owing to Bhabhi’s bad health, I had silently gone through the process of adopting a child over last week. I cursed myself for my cynicism and started Hanuman Chalisa once again.
After what seemed an eternity (about 50 minutes), that known nurse walked out with a midwife. The way we all stood up, one could have sworn one of them was wearing bombs, and yet we could neither walk towards, nor away from them! As if to tease us, the midwife turned midway, and nurse strolled towards us with an impossible poker face. While trying to read her face, I knew everyone around me was doing the same. Does it get good? Does it bring bad? Or is it her general expression? Before anyone fainted of silence or anxiety, the seasoned nurse neared us with a thumbs-up. That was the most potent use of a mundane limb, I thought!
Madam has delivered a boy. Both are healthy. Wait for 10 minutes and you can go in. 2 people at a time
A boulder came off my chest, and off many more! Mom was in tears, dad released an audible breath as if he had been holding it all this while, Bhaiya was numb. Dad shook him and said… ‘congrats … papa, thanks for our promotion
While everyone was sanguine, I realised I was thanking God for saving Bhabhi more than giving me a nephew. I ran to bhaiya and bear-hugged him. As I released him, I felt a wet drop on my neck. Tears of respite. Then, lot of hugging, kissing and thanking followed. His friends cheered loud and atmosphere was too jovial to imagine the tension that existed minutes ago.
With high rush of adrenaline and no idea of what to do, I ran out of Saroj Hospital to nearby Gulab sweets to grab diamond shaped Kaju Burfis.
do kilo Kaju Burfi, jaldi’, I almost yelled over the counter!
Frowning at me, the man passed on the order to one of his aides! Desperate to check bhabhi and baby, I realised I haven’t informed anyone I am here and pulled out my cell phone. 1 unread message it said. It was from my friend Karnik.
Abhimanyu met a road accident this afternoon. He’s no more.
Motionless, I only moved my eyes again and again to read those 10 lethal words. Abhimanyu is dead. My friend since 10 years, he is no more. Road accident. Car or bike? Was it his fault or someone else’s? Will it matter now? His job at TATA. Uncle, aunty, his younger sister. All those memories. Night-outs. Parties. Gymming. Jogging. Cricket. It’s all dead. A 24 year young body is a carcass since.... Since after this afternoon.
And a thought hit me like a speeding train. My nephew came this afternoon, and Abhimanyu left. Was it simultaneous? Isn’t he too young to be a part of God’s balancing act? Could a departing Abhimanyu have possibly met an arriving unnamed nephew? I was suddenly tired, fatigued and paralysed, unable to cry, react or feel. Should I rejoice the birth or mourn the death?
Then irony of my dead friend’s name hit me like his ghost. Abhimanyu: the name of a warrior who mastered fighting battles while still unborn, and yet met an early and dreadful death. My numb limbs were indecisive what should I go to offer first: sweets or my shoulder? Lost in this thought, a loud noise shook me to reality,
'Bhaisahab Burfi le lo apni, pata ni kahan jane ki jaldi hai’
The man at counter... did he know how painfully accurate his sarcasm was?
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  1. nice yea...!! finest piece :)

  2. captivating...gave me goosepimples......

  3. Nicely Written..yeah life is surprising. I had a similar experience when I was in school.

    I used to be not very bright in mathematics, it was a real trouble, final exams were round the corner and I had no idea how to go about it.
    I had a friend who was good at mathematics, but was very poor at English, on the other hand I liked english. We had a deal, it was decided he will get me through mathematics and I will get him through english.
    As planned on the day of the mathematics exam I some how managed to copy enough from him.
    After the exams I was thrilled and my friend was hopeful that I would return the favor and I was all geared up for that.

    On the day of english exams as planned I had finished more then 70% of my paper and it was time now to help my friend.

    I thumped my foot thrice and coughed twice, everything was going according to plan, i took the sheet i had and was maneuvering my self to pass my paper to my friend who was sitting to my right, at the very moment the person in front of me without intimation stood up from his place to submit his paper, unfortunately the invigilator had a clear view of what I was trying to do.
    "Kumar give me your papers NOW"

    I was terrified I was caught cheating in the FINAL exams, I just forgot about my friend just forgot if any thing but me and my papers existed.

    Slowly i dragged myself to the teacher, she made a big red mark on my paper, signed it and stared me out of the class.

    I was devestated, I was going to stay in the same class or possibaly thrown out of school for the offence.

    Days became long and nights even longer..but finally the day of results was here.

    Scared I went to the notice board, glanced at the list of failed students for my name and did not find it. I am done, time to pack up and leave this school.
    Without any hopes, I glanced the list of students who had passed ...........

    I was astonished, I was through. It was the happiest moment of my life. releved I started looking for my marks
    Hindi - 68
    Science - 65
    SST - 77
    English - 50
    may be they deducted my marks for the cheating thing.

    Mathematics - 88

    88....and then it stuck me

    I looked for my friends name in the list ..it was not there......

    I found his name in the failures and his scores were

    Hindi - 78
    Science - 82
    SST - 69
    Mathematics - 96
    ENGLISH - 23(in red)

    The best moment of my life had turned into the most despised moment of my life all within a few seconds.

  4. A well written and a nice piece of writing.
    I would like to share one instance with you here when I also felt this rush of emotions. When my best friend was going to UK for her further studies that time I had a rush of feelings. I was happy inside of me that after this her future will be brighter and more successful but somehow I couldn’t show that joy on my face. Because I also know that once she’ll go I will be all alone here to confront my sorrows and happiness. She always stood by me and I have shared all good and bad moments with her. I know that from now on it will be just her voice which will console me whenever I need her which was somehow not enough for me.
    But just to be with the moment I had to show her my happiness that she is going to make her future prosper. That very day I realized that life is really unpredictable and you never know about the next turn of your life. How one can have mixed feelings and one is supposed to react in such a moment?
    Finally, we reached IGI airport and I spent my last 15 minutes with her which I am going to cherish don’t know for how many years… after a shot chit-chat she disappeared from my eyes and there was only her memories with me to treasure.

  5. Everybody for once face the emotion of friendship and love in their life. So did I but mine started at a age of 12. When i was too young to understand any relationship i called myself "committed". As expected my new found love was making me feel "Alice in wonderland". I with no regrets, with no fear, with no bounds was deeply attached with this guy of my life. He was my love but nobody's choice. My parents never liked him but bear him for my sake, my friends never liked his presence but laughed around to make me feel high. Our relation strangled through all the toughs at every age. As time passed everybody accepted him or somewhere “adjusted” him in their life but on the other hand I was no more able to adjust with this love of mine. My utopian world started crashing with each reality bite. Its then when I realized that my love is a “ Puppy love” and hence a practical disaster. I at age of 21 decided the destination of my relation. It was a funny feeling at 12 I was in love with him, at 21 I am ready to quit the relationship. On 11th December my bday evening I decided to gift me a present, a present of freedom. It happened as planned but the post effects were brutal. I never realized that all this while when I was praying for him to leave me I was loosing a friend of my life. A friend for 9 good years was asked to leave and go. This made me realize how paralytic I am without him. I couldn’t sense my freedom as I was too low with a feeling of loosing a friend. I made a right decision by rejecting a wrong guy as a partner but a worst decision by loosing my best friend…….

    Its good to be emotional but its equally important to not let your emotions rule your life.

  6. Amazing Expression! Have experienced a few mixed feelings myself though!

    Must say an awesome piece of writing!
    Good Luck!

  7. very rightly said there are many times when you don't know which emotion to follow I would like to share one such incident

    I always thought being in Indian Army and serving the nation is such a proud thing to do and never thought of the other side which is related to this pride until I went to the funeral of one of my very dear friend, yes you read it right it is funeral, who attained martyrship while serving the nation fighting to keep the Pakistanis away so that we can breath freedom.
    That was the point when I didn't know whether to be proud or to be sad, for me it was still not at that intensity think about his parents what would they have been going through... when soldiers were saluting his dead body when shots were being fired in his honour 'the saat topo di sallami' and I felt like being pulled by both the emotions so strongly that I stood there motionless with blank mind...
    I salute to all the soldiers and their parents because of whom we enjoy this freedom of living in a free democratic India.

  8. Have came across similar feeling multiple times in my life at different ages and i reacted differently at the same but a few left a mark in my mind and my life. It was my dear cousin Anita's wedding and i took 1 week off from college, studies and was too involved in the wedding preparations (not that i was given some real important tasks) but was a good excuse to escape the bugging college lectures and most importantly to extend the deadline for submitting assignments. I enjoyed all the functions to the fullest and it was the D-day after sleepless nights, practice sessions and multiple trips to nearby market for small stuff.

    Morning haldi ceremony was over and we were all set and excited for the wedding function and my phone rang with my friend's name flashing.Before i even picked my phone i thought she is calling to make an excuse for not being present for the evening ceremony so i just picked the phone and without even listening the voice on the other side i said "Guys - No Excuses, You are coming" and a somber voice came from the other side which said that "You have got a back in C++" which meant i will have to reappear next year in the exam whereas all my friends cleared the exam

    Tough to believe the situation and even tougher to react in an overwhelmed wedding atmosphere , I went to the terrace and stood still for for half an hour before my cousins noticed that i am not around and started finding me.

    Then i looked at Anita's face who had excitement in her eyes and her smile which was priceless for me which gave me courage to come over the dilema and smile for people around as what had happened was inevitable.

    Sometimes its good to smile for others than crying for yourslf

  9. Too good. I almost cried while reading the post.

    I did not had any such Fire-freeze kind of incidence in life. But there have been some mixed moments.

    Srinagar has been a jinx for me and whenever I had planned for it, it has always fallen apart.

    Last year, While I planned return from Ladakah via Srinagar, I was very excited that finally I could see Heaven of earth at-least for a day.
    But unluckiliy, We had to return back from Kargill towards Leh as situation was bad in Srinagar.
    We were very disappointed. How close and too far.
    On retuning Leh, We found that all flights to delhi were selling at a very high price and suddenly I found a connecting flight via Srinagar for falf rate. I immediatley booked that.
    Now again I was happy that I was going thru Srinagar (atleast will see airport). Rushed to a good resturanet to enjoy the mood. But while I was eating, a phone call came in saying connecting flight to srinagar has been cancelled.
    Huuhhhh. Not again...
    Again rushed to internet cafe to book costly direct flight to Delhi.

    This is one of the few incidences I could find from my 28 years, in which I was sad-happy-sad in a short span of time.

  10. Great post Abhishek.

    I have across such situation many times in my life. To mention one, recently I was traveling by train to attend my friends wedding along with my Mausi Ji (in law) in her early 30s.

    She started telling me that her husband, told her that she found a good company (me) for her journey but what about him? (He was taking the next morning flight)

    To this Mausi ji replied with a big smile on her face: "You won't be alone in the kingfisher flight. You are handsome, rich and hardly have any life left so just go for any hot chic without worrying about consequences".

    I just smiled and was inside very happy to hear some good words for me. Then I asked her but why Mausa Ji didn't come with her?

    She replied casually: "He gets tired, blood cancer hai naa...ab jitni life bacchi hai acha hai let him enjoy with kingfisher chicks". Her expression was very normal, no sign of grief or whatsoever.

    Before I could react, she started sharing with me what all preparations she had done for the wedding. I had no clue how should i react? Should I sympathize with her and make her realize in what a mess she was? (she had 2 daughters of 8 & 4 years old) Should I talk to her just the way she was talking to me, i.e. completely normal? (As if nothing happened).

    Not even for a second she showed any expression of her miserable state and that made me even more confused with my reaction.

  11. That's some seesaw of emotions in a short while. I have had a couple of them in my life, but one of my rawest moments was when I had landed back in Delhi after a 3 days balls out fun in Goa. And the very next morning I get a message from a very dear friend that her brother had passed away that morning in a road accident.

  12. I can connect with first half of your story. My story is on giving birth as well. Only difference being it was my experience unlike you telling about your sis in-law. Good one.

  13. This was poignant...That is some emotional swirl to be in :| Be strong ...


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    Hey friend...
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  15. congrats and sorry to know about your friend.
    thanks for sharing.

  16. Very well written and brings back a few sad memories of my own.
    It happened a few years back. We were a group of 10, full of life, freshly out of school, and just stepped into college. The new found freedom was a heady feeling and none of us could wait to begin the exciting new chapter of our lives. Coming from different schools, we knew each other for barely over a month; but a month is a long time to forge new bonds of friendship and togetherness. Impressed by the beautiful locales of the then release movie Rang De Basanti, it was decided one day to head out to Neemrana. Enthusiasm engulfed us as we set about making preparations. A bright sunny morning awaited us as we began the journey in 2 cars. Upon hitting the highway, we sped up and began racing each other. The music was loud; there was beer and a lot of merriment. Without realizing, we hit a crossroad without either of us slowing down. A tractor was crossing from the right side, and a scooter was coming from the left. To avoid collision with both, our car swerved and went into a ditch. The initial daze and shock of the close call wore off when the car abruptly shifted. We realized the car was perched precariously on the edge of a deep gully. It suddenly dawned upon us we were nanometers away from fatality. Shocked into action, we helped each other out of the car. After the last one was out, relief washed through the 5 of us as we thanked our stars. The near death experience had shaken us all up. Figuring our pals in the other car must be concerned about our safety, we rushed out to reassure them, only to be met with a horrifying sight. What had once been a shining black Honda Civic was now just a mangled mass of metal. The car seemed to have had a head on collision with the truck coming from the other side. Whilst the truck driver had abandoned the truck and fled from the spot, the car was totaled. After a momentary silence, we started running towards the car to check up on our friends. But a group of people from the nearby village stopped us saying petrol was leaking and somebody suspected smoke as well. Frantically searching the crowd, we couldn’t spot any of our buddies. Panic gripped us as we began suspecting they were still in the car. Our worst fears got confirmed when something shiny caught our eye. The light had reflected off a vehicle passing nearby and bounced off the face of a watch. My friend’s new Rado watch, gifted to him for his birthday by his parents a day before. Before any of us could react, there was a loud boom and the entire car burst up in flames. In front of our eyes, we saw our friends’ bodies charred to death. Nobody moved, nobody cried, just stared in stunned silence while the villagers tried to put out the flames. Rejoicing your own life when you friends have died may be one of the toughest situations. Especially if the circumstances involve you as well..

  17. Very well written, ABM. All the best :)

    Here's my story:

  18. good story ..well narated .By good ,I dont mean anything else..I really mourn for your friend's death.I know hoe it hurts to lose someone.Planning to post my story too soon:)

  19. @raji
    Thanks for liking my story Ms. That's the irony of it, it is true and should not be liked, but it is appreciated precisely because it is good. Catch 22! But if you liked the read Raji, I would be glad to receive your vote here:


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  20. Very well written.
    I guess life likes to through these surprises at you really don’t know how you should react! Recently, I took an entrance exam for an MBA school, without any preparation whatsoever! I knew I didn’t stand a chance against the large number of people who had been studying for so long for this paper, but well, I still filled up the form and decided to appear for the exam. The result came out and I missed the cut off by 1 mark! Just 1 mark! I was excited about the fact that without putting in any effort, I came so close to making it! And then it struck me, even if I had put in effort worth 1 mark, I could’ve made it! I didn’t even know if I was allowed to be upset since I hadn’t studied at all, but the result did make me sad! On one hand, there was the excitement of ‘getting so close’ without putting in much, since it did give a nice boost to my confidence, and on the other hand, I was angry at myself for not putting in any effort at all! I was happy at my ‘achievement’ and angry at the fact that it was no achievement.

  21. Am speechless...
    Awesome narration! All the very best for the contest!

  22. Thanks for the encouragement Shilpa.
    Writing this post was quite a whirlwind of emotions. I'm glad it was worth it.


  23. Abhi Before I start recollecting the incident which both the phase of happiness and sorrow and then put on word sheet, i would like to comment on your Blog "Two People at a time". It was amazing the way you have shared your experience was fantastic , it was framed so well that could not stop reading it and was able to visualise it word by word. wish you all the very best on your blogs.

    I have also experienced a situation where i enjoyed my cousin brother's wedding and after two days of wedding my another cousin sister died of fire as she was caught in fire and the i was so helpless at that situation.

    It was year 2008 summer days of month May and everybody was so excited in my family since it was my cousin brother's wedding. Everybody was getting ready with their dresses and other stuffs and guys were busy in their bachelor's party arrangement. Next day early morning we all got ready to depart for a place called Karnal in Haryana for the wedding. i was in my car with my brother we had a great drive all the way and enjoyed to the max in karnal and after finishing the wedding by the same day evening we got back to our respective place. It was very tiring after the drive so i slept off little early.

    Next day when i got up my cousin brother came to my room and informed me that my car's both rear tyres are punctured. So decided to go along with my brother to call up some mechanic who can fix my vehicle. I was getting ready and tieing my shoe lace, suddenly i heard some loud noise as if someone is fighting but it was not well audible so my sister standing next to me asked me to check what is happening outside, i told her lets not get into someone else's matter. later on when i walked out to have a look on whats happening i saw my cousin running towards me and asking for help when i asked what happened he told me that my younger cousin sister was caught in the fire and she was literally burning we ran to save her but she was burnt very badly, at that time so helpless that could not take her to hospital since my car's both tyres were punctured and there was no other vehicle to help us at that time.

    Luckily one of neighbour somehow arranged a vehicle and we managed to took her to hospital. after reaching hospital i met doctor and enquired about my sister for which he replied that she got burnt more than 90% which was very tough to save her. After a struggle for almost one week my cousin sister expired.

    It was very difficult to face a sudden death of my sister when things did not even get faded from a wedding.

    I would probably say that was the time when i had to experience two phases of life where one was sweeter and the other was bitter.


  24. Hi, realy touchng. well even I have something to share.
    I came to Delhi in 2006 and lived for three years with my uncle’s (mamaji) family. Later in 2009, I shifted from there to a rented house with my brothers. I had been very emotionally attached with all there, just like my own family. It was in June when my aunty (mamiji) was admitted to hospital due to problem in her heart valve. She remained in hospital for over a month.
    And by the end of June I got the news that my bestest friend is getting married on 31st July to his grlfrnd, I’d been extremely happy for him and had been preparing to attend the marriage.
    Well, by the end week of July she was put on ventilator and it was then when doctors said that she (mamiji) might not be able to hold up for long. We lost hopes and finally on the night of 30 July she passed away. In morning the entire family gathered, everyone sad and crying, and my cousin sister being in worse of conditions. And my friend called me to ask where was I as he didn’t see me and had left for the marriage venue.
    At one side it was my childhood frnd getting married his girlfrnd & entering a new life, and on the other I was seeing a life already ended. I could not understand as I was looking at my sister who was crying like hell and on phne it was best frnd who was going for his marriage. I didn’t know what to make her understand and what to say to him. I just discnnctd the call
    Life’s Complicated!

  25. great gripping post.
    best of luck.

  26. hi Abhishek,

    Lovely post and must have been a day of such conflicting emotions - ups and downs - seems perfect for Fire-Freeze!

    Hope you've read my very mundane post on the topic at http://apster.blogspot.com/2011/01/its-my-life.html :)

    All the best!!

  27. OMG! Dude, I don't have words......

  28. Abhishek : Wow..!

    I have a similar story where i experienced such a dilemma...

    I was in my third year of BTech.. 6th Semester.. the semester where all placements happen.. when you either make it or break it.. Our college had trained us well.. For the past 2 months we had been under severe pressure of placement classes.. All other activities for 6th semester students had taken a back seat. It was the rare time when academics was given second priority. So, anyway, 2 months of rigorous hard work had prepared us well. Companies had started coming to our campus... but everyone was waiting for the big one.."Infosys".. the dream company of every CS/IT engineer.. The day finally came.. we were all prepared for the tough rounds of Infosys. I was confident that i would crack it.. Afterall.. I had excelled in all the mock-tests.. which were of a higher level than the one i was about to face... I was well prepared.. This was it.. Today was the day. The test started. My hands were shaking because of the combined effort of nervousness & excitement.. I saw the paper, and almost squealed with joy.. It was easier than i had expected..I looked at my best friend who was sitting behind me ..Sakshi.. and gave her a reassuring look of "Dont worry..Nothing can stop us from entering Infy".. I completed the paper well before time.. making sure that Sakshi got to see all my answers.. Then i quickly got up and left the room.. After 2 hours, the results were announced.. i had my fingers crossed..sakshi's name was announced.. i was so happy.. i hugged her and waited for my name.. but it never came.. i was crushed.. my dream had just shattered before my very eyes.. but Sakshi had made it... We kept looking at each other.. neither one of us knowing how to react.. both had tears in their eyes..

  29. Hi there, I think you ve written a decent story.The irony was well captured.

  30. Extremely well written, I could feel both your joy and grief. I can't even imagine to be in a situation like this...

  31. Na jane kahan jane ki jaldi hai..kind of summed up..well written

  32. @Gyanban: Thanks for noticing the irony. It was the most intriguing part in this episode I lived.
    @ Sidhhartha: Believe me, I want no one to be in a situation as this my friend.
    @Prerna: Thanks for reading it.
    @ Ms Chowdhury: Trust me he really said this sentence, I was stoned at that moment.


  33. Very well written Abhishek

    I've had a similar experience and can extremely relate to this situation.

    My wife developed a serious complication and had to undergo an emergency caesarean, a desperate attempt to save our baby. With both of us rejoicing coming of a baby, this situation came as a shock!

    With our baby's heart beat depleting every second, my wife was rushed into the OT and I was left standing outside the OT, all alone. I got absolutely numb, could do nothing but pray – There was a continuous assurance from our parents over telephone while they were rushing to the hospital.

    After waiting for half an hour, I got to know that we've been blessed with a baby girl - extremely tiny, weighing just about a kilogram. Getting my wife to the best of surgeons had finally worked. I stood waiting till the paediatrician got the baby in his arms - this is the first time I saw my daughter – she was fragile, tomato red and with her beautiful eye wide open. I was overwhelmed with the joy of becoming a father.

    The paediatrician had stopped for a second before rushing her into the ‘Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit’. He Came back in a while and said "You guys have a very tough time ahead, please be prepared – It’s very early to determine anything!" – This left me stoned again.
    Pia stayed in NICU for one month, before we could get her home. The joy of parenthood combined with a fear of losing your child is the most challenging situations to survive.

    All the best for the contest


  34. Abhishek in the first half of your post, the tension and anxiety that you expressed regarding the operating time, is rather humane to me.... till know what i only thought of it was like a scene in a serial. But now i understood, when we experiment and have a live body in our hands, what responsibility we hold, those eyes of relatives are not merely of emotion but of concern and love... somewhere down the line i forgot all that... thanks for bringing back the life in me... I feel sorry for the situation you were in.. would want to know what you did?


  35. @The girl in red: we often mistake common for obvious, till it occurs with us. I lived these extreme moments with in minutes of each other and felt a cardiac arrest coming at each news. About what happened later, pardon me I want to keep it to myself. Brings back a lot of haunting memories. I know you'll understand.

    Thanks for reading

  36. Well I won’t say that I have faced a similar situation but I have seen this kind of situation with 1 of my very close friend. This was the time when I was pursuing my graduation and also preparing for MBA, of which we had classes every weekend.
    Me and my friend were regular for our classes and despite of the numerous activities which kept her busy like giving dancing classes and tuitions to kids, she used to score well in every mock test (more than me, precisely). Finally the time came, we appeared for our MBA exams. And as much expected, she scored well in all exams and was planning for their GD/PI’s. So happy and yet so unaware of the situation that changed her life for everything that she had ever planned.
    On one fine evening, in the month of December, which happened to be her birthday month too, her father expired in a road accident. The trauma was so painful that her Mom went to a coma and all her plans of pursuing MBA went in vain. She was the only child and the one who handled the situation with all compromises that came into her life post the tragedy.
    Meanwhile, I too gave some interviews and came to Gurgaon for my MBA eventually. And now I hold this degree and a much capable girl than me is still there in Jaipur and has become a lecturer and takes care of her close knit family. Too much to sacrifice on her well built dream..!!

  37. Moving...very well written..Thats the irony of life !!

  38. Nice presentation of your feelings, Abhishek.

    I really feel sorry about your friend.
    And congratulations for being a uncle!

  39. This is life. Kabhi khushi, kabhi gam. A nice post

  40. very touching and truly no words to say....I am speechless.

  41. Goosebumps! First time here mate... Nice blog you have. All the best.

  42. @Abha: Life surely is Khushi & gamm, at randomm!
    @ Pratibha: Thanks for the compliment.
    @ Mohan: Coming from you, I am glad to receive it. Thanks for reading.

  43. This was poignant…Am speechless…Your narration could bring tears in our eyes…At the same time it brings us close to life and to the people we love…
    Awesome narration!!!

  44. Awesome Bro...Is it real?..Sorry to hear...

    Love the way you have captured the emotions...Thumbs up.. :-)

  45. @Palakh: Thank you Ms, I'm glad you liked it.

    @Vishnu: Yes, unfortunately every word of it is true, from fact to feelings.

  46. congrats 4 ya nephew n sorry 4 ur loss :). d fact tht u experienced it so closely, d pain is evident 4m ur writin.

  47. awesome thought .. a mixed emotions well blended with words . I wish you all the best and would look forward to read more such articles :)

  48. First timer, and i like what i see.!

  49. A very fine post. You got me hooked till the last word. I am glad I came here.

    Also noted that this is true, it felt like it was, if not I would said writers brilliance now that I know it was - I have to admit my admiration for your post goes up multifold. Life can shock amidst pains and pleasures.

  50. @ Mayank: Yes, it all is true, word by word.The real chagrin came after this moment, but even recalling it is too much to bear, let alone writing it.

    Thankyou for going through it.

  51. Hi Abhishek,a great post indeed. Life brings people at such situations often, but thats when we learn from it and become more stronger to face such challenges. I understand what you might have gone through.Good luck for the contest.

  52. Thats a very nice read Abhishek, hats off. Even I had a similar experience few months back not exactly a fire and freeze moment but this is how it goes

    I used to have a maruti 800 which I had been using for a very long time. I was planning to buy a new wagon r and at the same time wanted to dispose off the old maruti 800, I met a few potential buyers but none of them were ready to pay me more then 20k for the car. I had made up my mind to sell it for 20k but as luck would have it the car dealer(for the new car) offered me 40k for the 800.
    I was very happy it was almost a windfall, without wasting any time I moved ahead and finished the formality, the new car was ready to be taken away and the old one was supposed to be left behind. This is when it hit me hard, i had sold a piece of my life which had so many good memories attached with it. As I moved out I could see the old car being towed to the warehouse, almost asking me WHY.

  53. A very well written piece, you know life is like this only it always keeps things in balance. I too have felt two different emotions at a time, though not so intense.

    I was in Pune for my grad, Ganpati celebrations are very big in Maharashtra, the crowd on the streets is very very huge. It was during one of the ganpati celebrations when me and a few of my friends were roaming in the over crowded streets of Pune. All of a sudden I felt something in my back pocket, thinking that one of my friends poked me, almost in a reflex I caught hold of the thing an turned around. I had caught a pickpocket, it was for the first time in my life I had caught a pickpocket. It felt good, I was excited thinking that now I will hand him over to police and will be praised. But the excitement very soon turned into terror when 6 or 7 burly men stepped out of the crowd and surrounded me and my friends, "jaaun daya" let him go they asked me, one of them flashed a knife. We were kids, in the first semester of our grads. That moment all I could imagine of was to run and so we did. I let the goon go and swiftly we mixed into the crowd, I turned back to see if they were but they too had disappeared.

  54. don't know how to react, two tooo far extremes of emotions...when I felt relieved, there happened something noone can even dream of...don't feel like wishing you best, but yess among the 3posts I've read so far...yours actually did justice with the contest's conditions....Wish your nephew is healthy and cheering! Sorry for your friend!

  55. see, this is what happens when u write straight from ur heart. your words not only brought tears in eyes of ur readers but incited them to write their experiences. now if u at all studied Aristotle's theory of catharsis, u wud surely know that this is what is exactly expected out of a good writer. so do i still need to write that 'YOU ARE THE BEST' buddy?
    may u win the contest & lots more in life

  56. @ Punit: Yes, my nephew is fine and naughty like never before! Thank you for the encouragement Punit.

    Dear Nandita
    This is one of the most profound compliments I've received. Thank you very much for your appreciation and yes, I've read most of 'Poetics'. That's what makes this feedback all the more special. Thank you for your warm wishes.

    Warm regards

  57. Astounding, brilliant and far too real. So much so that I shifted in my seat restlessly as I read it. But why I had a tear in my eye is for a reason. I experienced the exact same thing a few days back. There is a revolt of emotions and you don't want either to overcome the other. In the end, you just want someone to push you into a direction.
    Great read!

  58. P.S - the word captcha asked me type - DOPE'WA! co-incidence? :P

  59. @Saleem: Thanks for reading and appreciating man. If you've felt a similar stab, need I say more?
    And yes, life has some really funny phenomena nomenclatured 'co-incidences'!!

  60. A dilemma certainly nobody would want to be in....life has a weird way of juxtaposing two extreme situations in a single moment.

    Something of this sort happened to me some time ago, though not of the same magnitude.....

    After having written myself off completely a job interview I was confident my other friends would get in as their C.V.'s merited their selection. I kept fueling their hopes and got them really expectant about their chances.

    We went into the room to hear our results. Everybody was looking tense I was almost soaking in the atmosphere with the most sadistic overtone.

    So the people from the company rambled on about how they could take everybody etc etc. Then they said these are the following students who have been selected. Almost like a bolt from nowhere they announced my name. I will be honest as the results were announced I was rapturous ,like a poor man who is walking on the road and finds a briefcase filled with money would be. And I went blank for a minute or so and then I turned around and realized that none of my friends had managed to get through. Joy turned into a sense of almost guilt at being so happy at my friends' cost.

  61. Goosebumps!
    Sorry for your friend! May you win this contest...i will surely vote for you!

  62. Gosh! Such a lovely piece. I never know what to say to people who face such a situation ..

  63. No wonder you won, that story had my hair on it's end... Wonderfully written.

    I'm so sorry for your loss though.

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  65. This article makes me get understood both your happiness and your sorrow. This is nice story which took me back in past days. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story which reminds a lot to me too.
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