Mar 12, 2009

Are you in pain? haahhh

No its not pleasure I am moaning with, its pain. The humdrum obligations that led me to this temporary yet drenching catastrophe are not as important as the connotation attached to the word and concept that this word, pain, endures us. "A strongly unpleasant bodily sensation such as caused by illness of injury" is what Oxford describes pain as, but I am afraid to say these literary scholars probably missed the subtle nuance and chronicled only the nuisance of pain.

Pain is not just a carnal unpleasantness. It can not be always depicted or conveyed with flesh, blood, cries, agonies, tears, or death. There is more to pain than a body can endure; the mental pain. Than explaining the mental pain, I would exemplify it. It is when you can see someone crying with hunger or despair thousands of miles away but you know you can not do much to his comfort. It is when few mavericks carry out a spree of destruction and jeopardy to innocent and naïve people. It is when you see that rulers of a civilisation are too overwhelmed with avarice and selfishness to help those, who made them what they are, from suffering. The biggest pain however comes when you realise that the unaffected world is too selfish or occupied to see the pain of the affected half, when all persuasions to philanthropy succumb to the hardened hearts. When the biggest pain of unknown is inexistent while the slightest trouble to the beloveds can agitate what even revolutions failed to.

Ask yourself, are you able to see, let alone inflict this pain? Do such ophthalmic sights and cacophonic sounds nerve you? Do those umpteen epitaphs the citizens of this world face each day serve as a reminder to you? Or for you citizens only belong to countries, regions or worse, religions? The purpose of my words is not to stir you to action, as even epics can not dragoon you that far, but it is to stir your conscience and let you witness the pain and atrocities at a global plethora and realise how infinitesimally miniscule and inconsequential are those fears and pains that we bear. So next time you bruise your knee or strain your wrist, or are down with fever or loose a friend, or even love of your life… remember there are far bigger unheard stories that speak of elegies of pain a human mind can seldom imagine and a human body can never endure. That’s why my pain, courtesy an accident on a road connecting Delhi with Maharashtra, is so inconsequential that I mentioned it in the beginning, so that I can disparage it till the end…

Cynically yours


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